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Filing a claim:   The easiest and most convenient way is to call our Office during working hours at 610-433-5297.   We will ask a few polite questions and provide the proper claim form.   That eliminates the guess-work and allows you to concentrate on your health situation without any additional stress.   Let us help you to file your claim. In fact, with Direct-Deposit, many claims are paid in one day!

Claiming your "Wellness" Benefits:   Many policies include a refund every year for getting a medical checkup for yourself or a covered family member.   Contact our office for the proper claim form and fax number.   It is a reward for taking care of yourself. 

FSA reimbursements: Unreimbursed Medical Expenses & Dependent Day-Care.   Many of our Clients include Flexible Spending Accounts in their Cafeteria Plans.   If you are not using the convenient Debit-Cards, we can arrange to Direct-Deposit reimbursed funds into your Bank Account.   Download the Reimbursement claim forms at the wageworks.com website, or call us to have them faxed or mailed to you. 

To ask a question or get information:
   Telephone or email us.   Please be specific and include your Company's name. 

     Most voluntary policies are portable at the same price you paid at work. Call us if...

  • You are a new employee and need to select your benefit package.
  • You are terminating your current employment or planning to retire.
  • You are going out-on-or-returning-from Medical or Family Leave.
  • You are called-up or are returning from Active Military Duty. [Thank you!  Our Hero]
  • You are changing Family Status; marriage, divorce, birth, adding or deleting, etc.
  • You are suggesting a helpful addition to our website. 

      Just a reminder: Click here >>>>> Aflac <<<<< to download and print claim forms, or call us for help at 610-433-5297.

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